Walt Jurek Teaches Physics and Engineering

From a Christian Worldview


Walt's Vision and Calling

I am continually fascinated by and learning more about how God made His universe work. I am energized to share what I learn with others so they understand they, specifically, are part of God's design which means they have purpose- they are not a cosmic accident.

Because we live in the universe created by the God of the Bible, it is imperative that theology be an integral part of learning any and every subject - especially the foundational science: physics.

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What parents and students are saying...

This was my favorite class - I actually learned the material!

Physics is a subject of great interest to our family (as you well know by now), and being able to participate in a class setting with you has be a great experience for John-Arthur!

The word is getting around that you are a great teacher with a great class!

She LOVED you and your class! I think she could become a physicist if you could teach her all through school.

THANK YOU for teaching so well! We will all miss you. This was a highlight of Catie's high school experience.

Christine is enjoying your class! She says that it is delightful! She really enjoys that some example problems are done in class and the fact that it is "ok to ask question" when she doesn't understand something. Thanks for doing a great job with the class and for making science enjoyable!

Thank you for taking time to teach our physics class. You make the class fun and interesting. I've enjoyed science year a lot more than I have in the previous years because of you. I'm also feeling like I'm learning and understanding concepts that will be incredibly important to my college education. You've not only helped me with physics, but with other study tips like reading the full question and remember the units in a given problem. I want to thank you for all of this.

We did not expect Case to love physics this year as much as he has! You have had such a wonderful impact on him! We are enormously appreciative of all you have done to keep him interested in science this year!


Course Information

Taught by Walt Jurek

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Should I be an Engineer?

  • A one semester, college dual credit class through LeTourneau University, The Christian Polytechnic Institute.

  • Successfully completing this class makes a student eligible for the LeTourneau Dual Credit Scholarship.

  • An exploration of the field of engineering, including the skills, attributes, and character qualities that make a good engineer; how to become an engineer - typical classes and sequence of study; potential career paths; a chance to practice engineering with a simple design project; as well as guided self-assessments to determine your God-given design and its applicability to an engineering career.

  • Taught both Fall and Spring semesters.

  • Here's a short video I created about the course: Should I be an Engineer?


Physical Science

  • A one semester, college course through Grace School of Theology.

  • A course designed to introduce the student to the universe around him or her, from a Biblical perspective.

  • This course will take the student on an amazing journey exploring what God created!

  • From the inner workings of the atom to the grandeur of the galaxies, prepare to be awed and amazed with what the Creator has made!


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Should I be an Engineer?

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Physical Science

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