Dual Credit Courses - Earn College Credit in High School

These classes are offered through
 LeTourneau University - The Christian Polytechnic Institute

Successfully completing either of these classes establishes for each student
a college transcript from a highly respected, fully accredited, Christian university
 at a VERY reasonable price
AND makes a student eligible for the LeTourneau Dual Credit Scholarship.

General Physics 1 and Lab
(Course numbers:
PHYS 1113 and PHYS 1111)

  • Physics I and Physics I Lab are college dual credit classes taken simultaneously
  • They are offered in both the fall and spring semesters
  • The classes are college-level, algebra-based physics courses, with labs, covering topics in classic and modern physics:

    a. Kinematics (geometry of motion)
    b. Newton’s three laws of motion
    c. Uniform Circular motion
    d. Work and Energy
    e. Impulse Momentum and Collisions
    f. Statics and Dynamics
    g. Heat and Temperature
    h. Oscillations and Waves
    i. Sound
    j. Electrostatics
    k. Electric Potential and Electric Field
    l. Ohm’s Law
    m. Circuits
    n. Magnetism
    o. Light
    p. Geometric Optics
    q. Atomic and nuclear physics
    r. Astrophysics

  • The classes are taught live, online, meeting two days each week giving students direct access to the teacher. The classes are also recorded and available for students to review at their convenience
  • Students will learn physics from a Biblical perspective

Should I be an Engineer?
(Course number: ENGR 1083)

  • An exploration of the field of engineering, including the skills, attributes, and character qualities that make a good engineer; how to become an engineer - typical classes and sequence of study; potential career paths; a chance to practice engineering with a simple design project; as well as guided self-assessments to determine your God-given design and its applicability to an engineering career.
  • When complete, if you choose to go into Engineering, you'll have a pretty good idea of what you're getting into!
  • Taught both Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Here's a short video I created about the course:
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Physical Science
(Course number: NS-103)

  • A one semester, college course through Grace School of Theology
  • A course designed to introduce the student to the universe around him or her, from a Biblical perspective.
  • This course will take the student on an amazing journey exploring what God created!
  • From the inner workings of the atom to the grandeur of the galaxies, prepare to be awed and amazed with what the Creator has made!
  • This course is taught in the spring semester of odd numbered years (2025, 2027, etc.)

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