High School Physics
Using Apologia
Exploring Creation with Physics, 2nd Ed.

An algebra-based college preparatory high school physics course designed for the 10th, 11th or 12th-grade high school student who has completed:

  • algebra 1 (including the quadratic formula, adding fractions, and logarithms),
  • geometry (including the Pythagorean theorem),
And has an introduction to the trigonometry definitions of:

  • sine,
  • cosine,
  • tangent,
  • arc-sine, and
  • arc-tangent

This course provides a detailed introduction to the methods and concepts of general physics, emphasizing vector analysis. It provides the student with a strong background in the classical physics topics of:

  • 1-dimensional and 2-dimensional kinematics and kinetics,
  • Newton’s 3 laws of motion,
  • translational and rotational motion,
  • uniform circular motion,
  • work-energy theorem,
  • impulse-momentum (including collisions and explosions),
  • oscillations/periodic motion,
  • waves (both sound and light),
  • optics (lenses and mirrors),
  • electricity, and
  • magnetism

To enhance learning, experiments with written lab reports are also included in the course.

This course covers all of the topics tested on the AP Physics 1 Exam.

Weekly time investment: 7-8 hours (reading, homework, writing lab reports, preparing for tests, etc.)
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Exploring Creation with Physics, 2ND EDITION,
written by Dr. Jay Wile,
published by Apologia Ministries,
ISBN: 978-1-932012-42-7

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What I will provide for you/your student:

  • Course syllabus (all the assignments and due dates)
  • Instruction for each of the 30 class sessions
  • Materials for the experiments and contests
  • Tests, homework and other assignments; graded and returned to students
  • Online access to your students’ grades
  • Access to me, the instructor, as much as my other commitments will allow (family, work, church, etc.)
  • Equation sheet for use on tests
  • Guidelines and template for writing lab reports
  • Final percentage earned in the course; you, as the home school parent decide what grade to put on your student’s transcript.
What you/your student must provide:

  1. The textbook: Exploring Creation with Physics, 2ND EDITION, written by Dr. Jay Wile, published by Apologia Ministries, ISBN: 978-1-932012-42-7
  2. Notebook for capturing lecture notes and data from the experiments
  3. Engineering Paper (available here
  4. A desire to discover how God made His universe work
  5. A scientific calculator
  • TI-84 is the most common, but the TI-30XS II will get the job done, as will the TI-36X Pro
  • Casio has several scientific calculators including the: fx-CG50, fx-300ESPLUS2, and fx-260 Solar II
  • Sharp has the EL-W516T and the EL-501X2

This class is taught through The Training Center on Monday afternoons 2:00 – 3:30 PM

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